Review by Kareena

Christina Debi has written a poignant, funny and entertaining first novel. This is a highly relatable book about the life challengers of a divorced, middle-aged single mother. Christina Debi writes a first person account of the perils of dating, workplace bullying and the stress of aging.

The portions of the book concerning workplace bullying and the emotional impact that has is very realistic and something experienced by far too many people. The protagonist Maria undergoes a catharsis and survives the experience to become a much stronger and resilient person.

The ramifications of aging in a world where youth is more of a commodity than experience are interestingly explored, as are the effects this has on self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

While the author has given a comprehensive insight into the flaws of the love interest Dirk, I was left a bit baffled as to what attracted Maria to him and what qualities she fell in love with. The third character in the love triangle, Dominic was written in a much more rounded and sympathetic way.

I would recommend this book if you are looking for an easy and enjoyable holiday read about the real life issues faced by middle-aged, modern Australian women.

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