It’s about writing. Of course. But isn’t it also about Life? It’s always about Life and Relationships and how the dynamics of interaction create the stories that make Life what it is. Out of those dynamics come love, heartache, hope, inspiration and achievement. A fiction story is about all of that and reaches into another dimension as well: imagination. Where would we be without it?

When Life Walks On Bare Soles – a novel

What happens when a mature-age woman discovers that her best friend, her workplace, her daughter and finally her lover all begin to think of her as old?

When Life Walks On Bare Soles is the story of MARIA VALANCE and her humorous yet life-changing struggle against attitudes towards ageing and bullying in the workplace. Which views should she adopt? Or can she create her own and still be accepted?

When Maria finds herself unemployed, life takes on a wild will of its own at first. But there’s a problem lurking underneath. As Maria reflects on her bitterness and grief, her past supervisor arrives on her doorstep with a challenging and life-changing request.

When Life Walks On Bare Soles is set in the ordinary day-to-day yet vibrant life of contemporary Brisbane and the Moreton Bay region of South East Queensland, Australia. Funny yet reflective, it’s a story of love and laughter, of loss and pain, of tragedy and acceptance.

The genre is Women’s Fiction.

Watch for the sequel. Available 2016.

Available as an eBook from AMAZON     GOOGLE PLAY      APPLE STORE


Available in print from AMAZON        BOOKTOPIA      FISHPOND




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