Book Launch – When Life Walks On Bare Soles

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It’s not every day you get to do your debut Book Launch on Australia Day weekend (my fiction novel When Life Walks On Bare Soles). I must be one of the luckiest authors in Australia.

Not having done a Book Launch before (debut remember) I relied on my publisher’s experience and expertise to get things sorted. And sorted he did. Bernie from Bent Banana Books publishers got it all planned. Bernie did a great introduction and when it came time for me to speak, well what could I say but talk about my book?

It was like talking about an old friend who I knew well. We’d had our bad days, this novel and I, but we’d pushed through to the end and by the time I got up to introduce it I truly believed in it as an enjoyable read.

I trusted my characters to support me and they did. I read a few lines and got a few laughs as well as a few well-timed tuts of surprise at the racism and workplace bullying my character has to address throughout the story.

And how could I leave out the part about the Iced Vo Vos? I told the story about my two friends who each took a manuscript to read before publication. We met back at one of their homes so they could give me some feedback. I turned up and they greeted me with Iced Vo Vo biscuits saying, ‘We’ve bought the Iced Vo Vos, have you brought Dominic?’ It’s one of those you’ve got to read the book jokes, but you get the idea right?

I remembered the days when each of my characters was born. They emerged slowly, one by one and some of them even tried to take over. Josephine was one like that. And Dominic. But by the end of the novel they were nicely contained in their roles and beginning to act like good characters should act: in character.

When can we expect a sequel was one question I was asked at the Book Launch. Well, do you know what, it’s on its way. You just can’t keep a good character down. So watch this space.

Thanks to all those who supported me either through attendance or through your congratulations and good wishes, and those on-line who have begun to follow my still-getting-there blog.

The genre is Women’s Fiction.

Available as an eBook from AMAZON     GOOGLE PLAY      APPLE STORE


Available in print from AMAZON        BOOKTOPIA      FISHPOND


An Ode to Russell Brand

I like Russell Brand. And I like secrets. But what if it’s all made up?

What if I had a secret that one night I’d had a secret rendezvous with Russell Brand? Can you imagine what that might be like?

Mister Brand, um, Russell, what’s your take on secrets? I mean do you have any?

Ah, let’s just focus for a few precious moments on how to deal with this. I mean, socie’y today, I mean if you’ve go’asituation where bof par’ies . . . fekenell . . . if bof par’ies . . . I mean this sounds like something that’s been made up! I mean if you know anything about anything, I mean . . . is this made up? Fekenell. Wicked!

Gran’ed it’s not a true ode, but socie’y today . . . well a lot of it’s made up.

The Ghost of Rattle Snake River

This is my first week participating in the writing challenge Mondays Finish The Story.

Mondays Finish the Story provides a photo prompt (by Barbara W. Beacham) and the opening line of a story. The challenge is to finish the story in 100-150 words. For me a special challenge is to figure out how to link it all up, here goes.

Here is this week’s photo prompt:


Here is the opening line: Diamond Jack had his hideout next to the Rattle Snake River.

Here is my story, word count 150:

The Ghost of Rattle Snake River

Diamond Jack had his hideout next to the Rattle Snake River. Rolling hills peppered with boulders, perfect for hiding behind when strangers wandered in, surrounded the shack. Not that there were many strangers, only folks around were a hundred miles away. If anyone wandered in they were bounty hunters. Jack had a way with them. A few drags on a bong and free rein to his marijuana crops scattered throughout the lush wild fauna and they usually  left him alone. Anyone who didn’t got a hole in the head and a watery grave. That’s just the way it was.

Until the day of the rattle snake, the snake-ghost of the river which had taken its name. It caught Diamond Jack by surprise that last morning of his life. Jack didn’t stand a chance. His body was found beside the river. Now when bounty hunters wander in they find Diamond Jack’s spirit beckoning them to the river. No one ever sees them again.



My son Luke has a house cleaner. That’s what my best friend told me the other day. He’s not wealthy, well Luke isn’t, maybe the cleaner is . But I think it would be true to say that Luke is domestically-challenged. When my friend used to go to her son’s place she would find empty cartons, apple cores or worst of all, dirty dishes left around. Don’t get me wrong, she told me, Luke‘s not a slob, he’s just a very busy, (need I add single), young man. And I could empathize with my friend as much as I could empathize with Luke.

But since the cleaner has worked the magic, my friend tells me there is a new feeling of homeliness present when she walks through Luke’s front door. The walls have no smudge marks, there are no cobwebs in the corner of the room, everything is tidy. . . even when it’s not the cleaner’s week to clean.

It seems that having the apartment clean one week inspires Luke to have it clean the alternate week, the week the cleaner isn’t employed. My friend tells me that she even thought she heard Luke say the other night that he had to tidy up because the cleaner was due the next day. I smiled to myself. How many times had I thought that that is exactly what I’d do if I had a cleaner . . . I’d clean.

It’s like when you’ve just found out that visitors are on their way over. Suddenly the corner that had been untidy with books since the last long weekend catches your eye. You find yourself dusting, straightening the book shelf, smoothing the curtains and if you’ve had a bad week, rushing around the room with a vacuum cleaner. You hear the knock on the front door and you swing it open with a proud smile across your face.

Inspiration, or being inspired, is a weird thing. Take writing as another example. You want to write a blog post, or maybe an email to someone, or even a novel. And when you need inspiration to get started, you find it has taken a holiday . . . to the Antarctic. The chill is on. Some call it writer’s block, I call it an ice-block.

It’s at those times that maybe we just need the cleaner to turn up, or a visitor to knock on the door . . . another human being to just be there so that the freeze begins to thaw and we feel the desire to get back on track. Often just when we don’t expect inspiration to ever come our way again, it can kind of sneak up on you through another and you find yourself tingling with renewed energy.

And we realize yet again, that it is inter-connectedness, human interaction, relating, that truly inspires us. We are what we give to each other and what we receive from each other. We are each others inspiration.


Christina Debi is the author of When Life Walks On Bare Soles

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