An Ode to Russell Brand

I like Russell Brand. And I like secrets. But what if it’s all made up?

What if I had a secret that one night I’d had a secret rendezvous with Russell Brand? Can you imagine what that might be like?

Mister Brand, um, Russell, what’s your take on secrets? I mean do you have any?

Ah, let’s just focus for a few precious moments on how to deal with this. I mean, socie’y today, I mean if you’ve go’asituation where bof par’ies . . . fekenell . . . if bof par’ies . . . I mean this sounds like something that’s been made up! I mean if you know anything about anything, I mean . . . is this made up? Fekenell. Wicked!

Gran’ed it’s not a true ode, but socie’y today . . . well a lot of it’s made up.


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