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It’s the first day of December and a thousand thoughts cross my mind about the upcoming festive season. What can I give? How can I celebrate those I love? The story ‘1000 Bookmarks’ answers that question in a profound way. It’s not so much the gift of the bookmarks although I am amazed at the ingenuity of that gift, but really it is the gift of love that matters. And this story, for me, highlights to us that life is short, unpredictable and full of opportunities to love. I just had to share this story as we get into the giving mode. Let’s not forget that we don’t have forever to give to those we love. We only have now. Thank you to Carolin for a beautiful reminder.

Writes With Pencils

Gift of Acceptance

Have you ever gotten in trouble for reading? Not for stealing or cheating or smoking weed or breaking the rules, but for reading?

In our current age of video games, smart phones and a million other multi-media distractions, it’s difficult for many to slow down long enough to lose themselves in a book. With so many demands for my attention as a business owner, engaged friend and inhabitant of the modern world, I read less than I would like, far less than I did as a girl who used it as an escape from the loneliness of difference and the anxiety of parental strife.

In the third grade Laura Ingalls Wilder was my personal hero. I read her eight books until the pages began to fall out of their bindings and I’d memorized her life. Most nights my mother would stick her head in my room and call “lights…

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