My characters, my friends

Yay, not only have I finally figured out how to get the blog page working on here but it’s just in time for my first novel which has recently been published and will be released in a few weeks.

Thanks to Bent Banana Publishers (yes they are in Queensland) I can now think of myself not only as a writer but as a published author. The first thing people will ask you, I was advised, is whether or not the novel is biographical.

Biographical? Do you mean there really are people who are like my character Maria? Naïve, trusting and blind to a man who adores her? Or for that matter does a man like Dominic actually exist? If so I have several single friends who’d like his number. Or Josephine, Maria’s nymphomaniac friend? No. It’s a fiction novel. Good grief.

I was a bit mean to my early readers. After I’d written a quarter of the story I asked a couple of friends to check it out, have a read, tell me what you think. Should  I continue writing? Yes, we want to know what happens. So I wrote some more but I wouldn’t tell them what happened until I finished. Every other day one of them was on the phone to me asking about Josephine, Maria, Ursula. How’s Josephine they would say? What’s  happening for Maria at work? My characters soon became our friends and for a minute there I didn’t know who I speaking to sometimes.

I’m not sure at what point I realized that a sequel was on the cards but before I knew what was happening I’d promised Bent Bananas that there definitely was one on the back burner of my writer’s oven. Suddenly not only were Maria, Josephine and Dominic my friends but they’d moved in with me and they weren’t even paying rent.

As for blogging. Isn’t this fun? I can’t ever imagine doing justice to a blog page compared to the wonderful blogs I’ve been reading. I’m blown away by the professional looks of blog pages and the photography. I’ll give blogging a try but how do you come up with all that interesting stuff to blog about in the course of your day?

Well I hope there’s someone out there who will enjoy reading my first fiction novel. I’m sure it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but there might be a few like myself who enjoy the dramas of relationships and friendships and all the problems that come with that.

If you’d like to have a read and tell me what you think, it’s available in print and e-book world wide by probably mid November.


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